Individual Work


For ongoing one on one work, offered virtually, the price targets $125/hour, with a sliding scale. The cost depends in part on the work we're doing. Solo retreat design and guiding varies. Package deals are available.

Let's create a plan that works for you

You might not know what you need exactly. I'm happy to do an initial consultation to help discern if there is a fit.

A guide on the journey...

A guide is one who is intimate with the terrain, and offers his experience to others. A guide can prepare, advise, & equip, can point you in the right direction, and even travel with you along the journey. A guide knows what can be ignored and what needs tending, where you need challenged, celebrated, and where you need perspective. A guide knows when you're lost, found, and how to embrace both as essential parts of the journey.

Your journey is yours...but you need not travel alone...

The terrains with which I'm intimately familiar:

  • Aging, retirement, and the transition to Elderhood

  • Cancer, major illness, death, dying, and grief

  • Deconstruction of religious beliefs, and stepping into deeper expressions of faith on the other side

  • Discernment

  • Mysticism, spiritual practices and the natural world

  • Sexuality, marriage and family

  • Money

This is interdisciplinary work, and draws from the skills and practices in therapy, counseling, coaching, spiritual direction, pastoral care, chaplaincy, wilderness guiding, mentoring, body work, consulting, wealth management, and more.

I meet you where you are, and bring who I am...and we'll go from there.

I don't presume to know what exactly will serve your situation. But no matter where you find yourself, I'm at ease in hard spaces, and can hold and tend to a place in which all that needs to be, might come.