Ned Abenroth

Seeker - Entrepreneur - Wilderness Guide - Speaker - Cancer Survivor - Ceremonialist - Weaver - Pastor - Poet - Father - Founder - Facilitator - Grave Digger - Retreat Leader - Rites of Passage and Eldering Advocate - Non-Profit Leader - Spiritual Director - Mentor - Coach - Businessman - Brother - Husband

My joy is guiding transformational spaces for folks who would venture to be the difference in the world.

My Offering

A guide for seekers, for those in liminal space, major transition, or grief, for those who want to deepen into Life, Spirit, or Soul, for those who are unsatisfied with life in our current culture, those who seek healing, vision, discernment, or ongoing soul care.

A guide for groups, whether for a day or a year, who want to stir their soul, awaken, heal, and transform in the presence of the Spirit.


Adopt the posture of Yes

Look to the edge of your embrace and

Go further.

It won’t be daisies and sweet peas

Yes requires a longer gaze into

All we’ve denied: a

Softening of the brow, an

Opening of the chest, a

Releasing of clenched jaw

Breathe into circumstance

Allow even this…even this

In the jagged, a diamond is buried

Resistance will leave you cut

But the sands of

gratitude, if given

their sweet time will

soften, and

polish the

sharpest edge

With practice,

there is


we cannot welcome.


Individual Work

Counseling, spiritual direction, and guiding for those in the midst of major life changes, dealing with grief, in discernement, or simply sorting through life. This work ranges from ongoing regular virtual sessions to designing and guiding intensive private wilderness retreats.

Group Work

Creating and facilitating retreats are my passion. See my portfolio for examples of past retreats. Most of these were custom designed to fit the context of those who contracted me.

I also have created courses for groups, designed and spoken at conferences, and facilitated leadership retreats.


Information can backfill one's current level of understanding, but rarely transforms anyone from one stage of awareness to another. On the other hand, story, parable, myth, poetry, and wisdom sayings from all over the world are the kinds of soul talk that can speak from deep to deep.


Story and Poetry

The greatest words, are those that take us beyond our understanding, to a field in which all we need do is muse and open to the Presence who silences all the chattering voices.


Whether solo or communal, rituals and ceremonies have the power to move us through closed doors, heal raw wounds, and enter possibilities bigger than we can dream.


Science has discovered what the artists have known for eons. The more-than-human world, is good medicine, and spending time there can change everything.


On our own we're all hopelessly blind. Together we have a chance.


If you're like me, there is a deep ambivalence about websites like this. Glossy photos, biographies, accomplishments, education, titles...Nothing wrong with any of it--indeed it can serve a purpose, AND all of that is also hazardous... The ego perniciously attaches to such illusive images of the self. It doesn't help that the essence of marketing is putting out an image that is attractive, while hiding less desirable traits. At the worst, you might actually believe this tiny cultivated sliver of information portrays the whole of me, or even believe the projections you already have of me before coming to this site...and I might be so foolish as to begin to buy in as well!

Heck, there is likely a little ego boost from even writing such a disclaimer about the ego, "See how self-aware I am." Geesh. How embarrassingly revealing and persistent the ego is…It never ceases to try and attach--even to our efforts to unveil and detach froml it!

It seems the only thing we can do is simply stand back and watch it work.

So let's just agree. I am so much less and so much more than the contents of this site. If you are trying to decide if I might be of service to you, this website is here to aid in the discernment. But let’s not take it too seriously...In the end you and I are two seekers just trying to make it through.

Words on my Work

Ned leads with gentle strength. He is present, compassionate, and creative. He has a deep thirst for wisdom and at his best, is a channel for it.

Rev Marc Oehler, New Jersey

Ned is an excellent and compassionate listener drawing from a deep personal life and wide breadth of professional experience. He has extensive experience with small groups, one-on-one mentoring, and creating larger group retreats and transformative environments. ... one of the most relatable and gifted leaders I have met.

Paul Stoltenberg, Washington

The EROP was one of the most formative experiences of my whole life. I LOVED it.

Belden Lane, Missouri

This EROP was a fantastic guide in the transition from adulthood to elderhood, one of the two or three best experiences in my life.

Lou Flessner, Kansas

I have had the honor to work with Ned four times... Each of these encounters has been life changing... Ned is a great listener, gifted storyteller and exceptional group leader. He instantly creates a safe, sacred space in which an individual can honestly approach and begin to deal with those dark places in his life. I will forever cherish Ned’s guiding hand, comforting words and quiet support of me on my own journey.

Ron Ledwith, New Jersey

I have encountered few souls who live with a level of integrity, compassion and love as does Ned Abenroth. I hold these people up as I guiding lights when navigating my life’s ups and downs. Ned’s comfort with intense feelings, eagerness to laugh and willingness cry, give me permission to be authentic and vulnerable in his presence. I cherish Ned’s leadership, guidance, and friendship.

Howard Simon, Washington

Ned is grounded, thoughtful and authentic... his spiritual and emotional maturity is the result of his hard, reflective work, borne out of his own sense of grief, loss, and suffering - both his own and that of the world. He has a strong, healthy king archetypal presence. Ned’s charismatic personality promote a sense of ease and comfort for those around him.

Michael Wright, Washington

Luminary is a word that describes Ned Abenroth to a tee. His Gifts and Goodneess are extraordinary & yet he is one of the most down-to-earth, humble, and loving persons I have been blessed to know in almost 8 decades

Tom Clayton, Washington

Have any questions?

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Written Musings