Ned Abenroth

12/7/20231 min read

a person drowns underwater
a person drowns underwater

With one word

sediments of grief are stirred.

Set free from bottom they

surge, flood, swirl, cloud.

A rising tide
the heart

spills out
holy drops

Some build dikes and levees,
others fight water with numbness.
I’ve tried both
only to find
success in these efforts is

When you’re blessed, the
surge refuses to be
trumping all ill-conceived
notions of normalcy.

Experiencing your experience
is the way
Stop gasping for breath
Let the waters rise
Lower yourself into the
depths and die.

Embrace the flood while you can

It won’t stay long.

Lose yourself in the waters-each
tear contains the whole of you

Surrender and find yourself.

In time,

Gravity will play her part
Particulates settle.

Clouded depths clear,
revealing your stilled body
on the bottom, more
awake in death than life
with clearer vision
through blurry eyes as
tears wash
blinders way

And whatever will be

Will be.
…but it will not be the same.

For in awakening you’ll
realize the toxins were swept away,
along with your former self, and
all that remains is your